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ATTENTION: Women Who Can’t Wait to Start Their Own Wildly Successful Coaching Business…From SCRATCH

Dr. Sonja Stribling Presents the ONLINE

Coach To Millions Bootcamp

Discover The Secrets To Taking Your Idea
And Creating A Thriving Coaching Business You Truly LOVE!


Let Me Show You EXACTLY How To Build A Lucrative Coaching Program in Less Time Than You Can Imagine…
Without ANY Business Experience, Certification, or Education Whatsoever!  


It's Time To Give Yourself Permission To Be Amazing
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This Bootcamp will be an experience unlike any other, Dr. Sonja will cover:

 Picking your path: Strategies for taking an idea, and turning it into a business

 Why being famous is outplayed and not required in 2022

 Helpful tips for managing "Imposter Syndrome"

 And so much more...

Dr. Sonja's ONLINE Coach to Millions 5-Day Bootcamp For Creating An In-Demand Coaching Program!

It All Comes Down To This.....

I’ll be honest with you. 

I can’t stand "complicated " or complex.

As a retired U.S. Army Officer and combat veteran, I can tell you first-hand that simple and direct is always the better solution.

In the Armed Forces, new green recruits would pour into the army every single week…

No experience, minimal education, wet behind the ears.  And in just weeks, we’d turn these lost and scared women and men into confident, disciplined, and highly productive individuals who got RESULTS.

So when I left the service and followed my calling to be a coach…

I discovered I could apply the same strategies and mindset that I learned in the Army to my coaching business out in the civilian world.

I also wanted to see if what I discovered could be learned by others.

And sure enough, it worked like gangbusters!

Over the years, I’ve coached thousands of women around the globe on how to take their knowledge, their experience, and their stories…

... Women who have a calling to teach and show others what they know…

...Women without ANY business savvy or entrepreneurial skills whatsoever...

And showed them how to create a highly lucrative coaching business in a matter of weeks.

Not months, not years...WEEKS!

There are so many POWERFUL women out there...just like you…

Who have SO much to give and share because of this strong desire to have a true impact in the world and to change lives.

And that’s exactly why I created…

Coach To Millions 
A Super Simple Proven Coaching System 
That Gets You Up and Running in Just Days

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take that brilliant idea that’s been batting around in your noodle for months or years…

That idea you’re passionate about...

And create a heartfelt, soul-enriching, money-making business from it?

Now you can. 

Literally... as a coach, I've had the amazing privilege to...

 Start and build my coaching business that I love, first and foremost

 Coach what I know, and what I love

 With modern tech, I can spread my message into the world QUICKLY

 Wake up (almost) every morning inspired and passionate

 Observe the success of my happy students

 And really live life on my own terms!

I love helping others put their ideas into ACTION! 

Here’s the thing… 

You can continue to just think about that ‘"idea" or "coaching" business and keep doing what you’re doing and getting the same old results…


You can join me and other passionate, like-minded women for 5 days of extraordinary training where I’ll show you…

How to take your ideas and turn them into a wildly successful business!

The “Coach To Millions” LIVE Online Training Event 
Happens [October 9th, 2022]

$55  FREE


Design Your Coaching Business Around 
YOUR Schedule and Lifestyle.

Create your very own unique coaching program to suit YOUR needs.

This exclusive “Coach To Millions” Bootcamp was specifically designed for thoughtful, powerful, and motivated women

You’ll get everything you need to hit the ground running. Nothing is held back...and I mean NOTHING!

Inside the “Coach To Millions” Live Bootcamp, you’ll discover how to:

 Build a coaching program that your audience BEGS for

 Help your clients and students get the results they crave

 Easily structure and organize your coaching curriculum

 Tap into your "zone of genius" so you can create the program of your dreams

 Leverage your experiences and knowledge to create a lucrative business

 Become a wildly successful coach WITHOUT being famous or even "known"

 Create an irresistible "high ticket" online coaching program

 Quickly deliver your message to the masses

 Avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes most entrepreneurs make when starting a business

 How to leverage your experiences and knowledge to customize your program for your audience

 Why being famous or "known" is no longer required

"This Entire 5 Day Virtual Bootcamp Is Designed
To Create Stellar RESULTS!"

Not in a year, not in six months from now, not 3 months or even 4 weeks from now…

But from the day you begin the “Coach To Millions” Bootcamp.

No more just "thinking" about starting your coaching business…

But actually MAKING IT HAPPEN!

We're going to get those brilliant ideas out of your head and out into the real world, impacting real lives.

And I’m not kidding when I say you’re going to focus hard and put "nose to the grindstone."

Because at this event…

You’re Going to DO Coaching, Not Dream About it.

And the best part is, all you have to do is SHOW UP and do what we show you. 

Be open to new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking, and new ways of seeing yourself as an EXPERT.

I know that might seem hard or like a pipe dream…

But I can tell you from experience and my years of teaching and coaching thousands of women around the globe…


You can have your own coaching or consulting business up and running in record time

No matter what your experience!

$55  FREE


Meet Your Expert Coach

Dr. Sonja Stribling

Dr. Sonja is a certified Life & Business Strategist and High Performance Coach, keynote speaker, and Influence Expert known as the General to Giants, and Best-Selling Author of The Divorce That Saved My Life. A retired Army Major, recipient of Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, National Speaker for the Think & Grow Rich The Legacy World Tour, and former TV Host on Bravo Network. 

Dr. Sonja has used her experience to lead thousands of women to live the lives of their dreams and passion. 

As the Chairwoman of the Born to Be Powerful Academy®, her firm’s courses, events, and results-based coaching & consulting programs equip emerging and established women leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs and game changers to use their P.O.W.E.R. to have a fulfilled life and booming coaching business on their own terms.

Who This Bootcamp Is For

This training is for women of all ages, no matter what your experience. Beginner, Novice, Professional....

Young, old, single, parent, grandparent...doesn’t matter.

What DOES matter is that you must have the will and DESIRE to do what it takes to be successful. 

What matters is that you’re COACHABLE and you follow the PROVEN STEPS I show you.

What matters is that you COMMIT to being totally present for 5 days…

And play full out.

It’s all about Drive, Passion, and Focus.

Will it be scary and nerve-wracking? YES. If you haven’t done something like this before, it can be terrifying.

But know this…

I’m going to give you what you need to EXPERIENCE RESULTS and succeed.

So yeah, you might break a sweat. You might be flooded with thoughts of “I can’t do this” or “this was a mistake.”

But you know what?

Just about every woman who’s gone through one of my programs feels the same thing!

They’re no different. 

Nobody gets hurt. Nobody gets wounded. You won’t even get a scratch. 😀

I promise you…

If you follow my lead, at the end of our 5 days together…

You’ll come out feeling excited and exhilarated and ready to take on the world with your new coaching business!

What You Can Expect

This entire 5 Day Bootcamp is simple to follow, easy to put into action. Baby steps.

After coaching thousands of women over the years from around the globe, I’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t.

Practically all the heavy lifting has been done for you. 

All I ask is that you "let go" of any notions or blocks or resistance you might have about starting a coaching business.

Simply show up. That’s all you have to do. 

Come to the party with an open mind and ready to listen, participate, AND implement.

There’s a method to my madness. And it’s PROVEN to work time and time again.

Sound good? Excellent!


STARTING Sunday, October 9th at 3PM EST

DAY 1: Sunday, October 9th

The History & Mystery of Wealth

@3pm Est

Your education is no longer what determines your future outcome, instead I am going to show you how you can use the knowledge you have right now and how to turn it into a booming business creating impact and financial freedom.

DAY 2: Monday, October 10th

Coach Your Way To Millions

@3pm Est

Before you can step into your full potential first you must become crystal clear on the goals you want to achieve and the impact your want to make.
We can then begin creating your roadmap that will guide you along your journey.

DAY 3: Tuesday, October 11th

Crack The Code of Wealth As a Coach

@3pm Est

Here we will be uncovering the 5 most profitable industries to build your business while creating the strategy to get you in front of your ideal audience.

DAY 4: Wednesday, October 12th

Your Pathway to Wealth (Choose Your Vehicle)

@3pm Est

By now you will know who your ideal audience is and the goals you want to reach so now it's time to breakdown the vehicles that will take you there.

DAY 5: Thursday, October 13th

Avoid the Failure to Launch

@3pm Est

98% of people will have great intentions to get started. However only 2% will actually make their dream of helping others win a reality. This training will assist you to taking the action and making the momentum you need to launch and scale your Coaching Business.

Here's what can happen for you in only 

 Uncover Your Superpower So You Can Live a Fulfilled Life
While Creating a Booming Coaching or Consulting Business

 Identify Who You Want To Work With and Develop The
Transformation For Your Client(s)

 Discover The Strategy To Use To Get In-front 
of Your Ideal Audience

 Clarify Your Pathway To Wealth ~ From
Speaking, Coaching, Events and Much More.

 Overcome Imposter Syndrome And The Barriers Holding 
You Back From Your True Potential

Plus I Will Uncover These 3-Secrets

“How To Coach What You Love Without Being Certified or Having a Formal Education” 

(Teach what you LOVE and get PAID!)

How To Easily Be A Wildly Successful Coach WITHOUT Being Famous 

How To Build a Highly Successful Coaching Business in Just 2-4 Hours a Week

(You’re gonna love this!)


Starting October 9th with “The Coach for Coaches” Dr. Sonja Stribling … and special guests! Where you’ll discover how to use your life experience and knowledge to coach your ideal clients… and become the expect changing lives with your impact and influence!

[VALUE: $997+]

Access To Our Private Community

Access To Our Private Community Where I’ll Help Get You Ready For 2022 And Walk You Through Exactly What I did to have a wildly success coaching business


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This is YOUR Time...Seize It!

Join me for a 5-Day Bootcamp that will transform your life and your business…
And never forget.  Remember, you’re not alone.

You don’t have to "do it all" by yourself.  

You’re surrounded by like-minded women in the same boat as you…

And we’re all there to help each other and support one another. 

The seats will WILL sell out. So claim your spot NOW!

Take the leap. 

Be the courageous woman you already are!

Clear your calendar and MAKE THE TIME to attend this exclusive training.

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“Coaching To Millions” 5 Day Bootcamp
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I can’t WAIT to see you in the bootcamp!

Dr. Sonja

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